Do you know why playing is important for children?

Sitting in the class continuously, listening
to the teachers will obviously create
boredom in children’s mind.

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Everybody needs a break, whether it is a student...
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. Playing is one way of staying healthy for kids...
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Playground- Expectations Of Parents and Kids

Everybody needs a break, whether it is a student learning continuously or a person who is doing a tedious job continuously. When it comes to a student they usually have a special hour of playing games at school. PD Play caters to such needs and ensure kids get what they need.

Do you know why playing is important for children?

Sitting in the class continuously, listening to the teachers will obviously create boredom in children’s mind. It is important to have a break in between their classes.

  • • It boosts the mind of children and increases the concentration power.
  • • It will obviously wake up the sleeping minds
  • • It rejuvenates energy and gives them enough power to focus on what the teacher says.
  • • Apart from the studies, playing is a good physical activity which improves the healthy state of the kid. They become flexible and the get practice to focus.
  • • It also helps the kid to handle the emotions.

In order for the kids to play safely, they need a good playground.

What do kids or students expect in a good playground?

  • • They like their playground to be equipped with games that are challenging to them.
  • • Children like variety. They do not like to stick to one particular game. They expect many games to engage themselves.
  • • If it is a small kid then it gets attracted to colors. If it is a grown up child, then he or she likes to play something challenging to their hands, feet, and mind. So, each kid expects games relevant to their age.
  • • Whatever the age of the kid is, they need entertainment. They do not like their enjoyment to be spoiled by broken play equipment.
  • • Apart from the individual games that involve fixed equipment in the playground, they like to play as a group.

What do the parents expect in a good playground?

  • • The most important thing a parent expects is the safety of their kids.
  • • Each and every parent will expect their kid to be taken care properly in their absence.
  • • They do not like their kid to get hurt. So, they like the playground to have safe structures and equipment.
  • • It is not possible for a kid to play at a single place and it is not possible for a parent to go at the back of them throughout. So the parents expect the playground to be such that, they can monitor their kids from anywhere.
  • • They do not like to get bored during the kid’s play time. Even they like to play during the hour. So, the playground must also have a play area for adults that provides them enough challenges or recreation. Find more info on Dog Park

Overall requirement of a playground

Overall, a playground must be designed such that it satisfies both the kid and the parent. So, altogether a playground must possess the following

Structure and design: The overall structure of the playground must be such that they attract kids of all ages. It is better to have a theme behind the design. Apart from the design, a play area must have proper signs for the kids and adults to understand what is where. It must have enough shade for both the players and the parents.

Equipment: The play structure must be segregated as per the age group. Kids of different age groups come to the playground. It is better to have play equipment as per the age. Apart from the fixed equipment, playgrounds must also have other equipment like balls, board games, and similar other entertainment.

Safety: As everybody wants their kids to be safe, it is better to have the structures and equipment constructed with safety materials. A proper camera needs to be fixed at a different place of the playground to monitor the kid’s activities.

Surroundings: The location of the playground is one of the important points that one has to concentrate on as it involves kids. It is better to choose a noiseless and safe area for the playground.

Guide: A playground must have a proper guide who can assist kids during their play. It is better to have many guides at different places of the playground to take care of the kid’s safety.

The above are the important points that have to be noted while starting a playground. We are one such company who runs a playground with all the above-satisfied criteria. Bring your kid here and let him or her enjoy playing.